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Welcome to Express Group

A Leader in Global Efficiency and Innovative Technologies

Express Group is a technology and business-oriented company located in the USA, with representatives in Europe, CIS countries, Asia, and Australia. Our operations are within three main divisions:

  • Corporate efficiency via enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation
  • Technology consultation and equipment procurements
  • Training in business skills such as Project Management, ISO, etc.

Our technologies will be the ones to meet new and upcoming demands, from new road construction materials to newly designed high-efficiency wind turbines. As a leader in green energy efficiency, Express Group helps companies produce more energy at a higher rate and lower costs. We embrace the challenges of the 21st century and will work with you to make your company healthier and more secure for the future.

Take a look around to see Express Group in action. Visit the “key features” page to see how we can serve your business. And don’t forget to check out the “Express Institute” page, our online training service in the most practical areas of business.


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