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At Express Group we believe you can only improve what you can measure:

  • Exactly how effective is each work center?
  • How efficient is each machine in your facility?
  • How productive is each employee?
  • What are the intangible costs of the project your team is working on?

For companies that want to learn the real answers, The ERP solution (short for “Enterprise Resource Planning) is the best way to get a realistic quantifiable view of operations. Along with our partner Acumatica (developers of the ERP solution), Express Group specializes in taking the things companies could only express in qualitative terms and putting real numbers to them. That way you can accurately measure performance, set goals, schedule production, and put systems in place to meet your goals.

ERP is also an excellent way to track what is already working for your company. It helps you maintain records of past maintenance, employee history, contact logs with customers and venders, all ISO record keeping, full inventory management, and more. We want every client company to learn more about themselves through this process so they can make great decisions in the future.

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