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What Does Express Group Do?

Ours is a simple, four-step process that includes:

  1. Learning the way your business works – We analyze all the processes and steps involved with producing your product or service.
  2. Adapting a specific ERP/CRM solution to make your business more efficient without interfering with the processes you and your team are used to.
  3. Implementing your specific ERP solution using a top-down method that focuses on your most important systems down to the most minor detail.
  4. Training your staff to use ERP and be efficient doing it, so you can get a quick ROI and continuous benefit of being in full control of your business for years to come.


Why Express Group is Your ERP Solution

Express Group has partnered with a cost-efficient, user-friendly resource called Acumatica Cloud ERP. Unlike other one-size-fits-all business solutions, Acumatica is designed to treat every business like its own unique entity.

Unlike a traditional software package that you just click and install, ERP offers customization options during implementation. It will fit your business model like a glove. ERP is best implemented by a teamof specialized IT and business consultants, much like the kind Express Group employs.

Our team of highly skilled IT professionals has firsthand experience with companies like HP while our business consultants boast extensive knowledge working with several ERP systems in logistics, manufacturing and sales-related businesses. This winning combination is what you want on your side. Our promise is to give your business the same first-class standard of care enjoyed by some of the world’s most famous brands.

Finally, Express Group specializes in employee training. Once we install efficiency features, we will teach you and your employees how to use, maintain, and ultimately modify them to meet current and future needs. Our job is not done until you feel you have the confidence to employ ERP in any situation that occurs, no matter how new or complex.

Contact Express Group today to see how yours can be the next efficiency success story. Whether you prefer a traditional or mobile solution, Express Group will take your business to the next level.

Contact Express Group today to learn how your business can benefit from a free consultation.